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Episode 223

Published on:

28th Jun, 2024

Episode 222

Published on:

21st Jun, 2024

Episode 220

Published on:

29th May, 2024

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See Threepekev. £3
Bloody Jabba The Hutt forced me to change my details with the Trade Federation. Didn’t want you guys taking out a bounty on my head.
Kevy Wank Enobi £5
Found a few Aldhani credits. Could have gone to Canto Bight and spent a night with a Sulustian at Space Hooters but thought it’s better spent here.
Kev £5
Cheers guys. Love ya more than Jar Jar getting frisky with a Jawa.
Anonymous £3
Great hosts make a great show! Keep it coming 👍🏼
Garry A £10
The feeling is mutual, Mark, love it! Here's my "Creator Contribution" :)
Mark A $10
Loving creating the show with you, Gaz, so wanted to show my appreciation!
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About the Podcast

Spark of Rebellion, A Star Wars Podcast
The weekly Star Wars news roundup for busy fans who want to stay up to date!
For all the Star Wars enthusiasts out there, we've got your weekly fix! Life can get busy, but don't let it keep you from your first love – Star Wars. Spark of Rebellion is here to bridge the gap, delivering a comprehensive roundup of Star Wars news in a digestible and fun format.

Whether you're a prequel aficionado, original trilogy devotee, or sequel enthusiast, our podcast covers it all – from movies and animation to books, comics, and the latest rumours circulating in the galaxy far, far away!

Produced by Garry Aylott and Mark Asquith, the podcast releases every single Saturday. Whether you're commuting, hitting the gym, walking the dog, or just tidying up at home, Spark of Rebellion is your go-to Star Wars companion, ensuring you stay connected to the epic universe you adore!

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Garry Aylott

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As a lifelong sci-fi fan, Garry has been podcasting since 2013 about Star Wars, Doctor Who and pop culture in general. As the Head of Design at Captivate.fm, his pixel-pushing and user experience design is helping tens of thousands of podcasters get their voice out into the world every day.

Mark Asquith

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Mark is a pop culture geek with a love for anything with good mythology. He loves talking Star Wars past, present and future and is also the founder of podcast company Rebel Base Media, who make Captivate.fm.